Drexel & Co., values the wisdom our clients have in life, faith, and virtue. Our clients’ investments make a difference not only in their own lives but also leave a legacy for their families, communities, and the greater culture. If your financial statement lacks the values you hold dear, we want to hear from you.

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About Drexel & Co.

Stephen Hepburn founded Drexel & Co. Financial Planning after a decade of providing financial planning services to individuals and business owners.

Named after Anthony Drexel, the “Father of Modern Finance,” and his philanthropic niece St. Katherine Drexel, Drexel & Co. aims to set a higher standard in the financial advice industry.

Only 36% of households in the US trust investment and wealth managers due to confusing jargon, complex financial products, and frequent misunderstandings and misrepresentations.*

Drexel & Co. prioritizes clear and ongoing communication with clients and values-driven, cost-effective investing for the long-term. The company believes in offering straightforward services and avoiding complicated contracts and surrender fees.

Steve Hepburn and Family

“The most effective tool at our disposal is the moral capital that we enjoy from our reputation as honest men in a den of thieves.”

J.P. Morgan on what he learned working with Anthony Drexel

When it comes to your money, the less you have to worry about, the better. Your personality, values, and goals are more than just numbers to us – they are why you are here. And that is what matters most.